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In Steel Titans, you destroy stuff. A lot of stuff. With a bit of that juicy oompth to make it a satisfying as possible.


Because these Titans are aliens with cool tech, they do what they do best. They destroy stuff. In game, the terrain is fully destructable, for both the player and the enemy. The player can use this for a "Tatical" advatage, like super advanced flanking.

The game has two game modes, destruction and combat.

Destruction requires you destroy a large portion of an area in a certain time limit.

The next gamemode, combat, requires yout to kill all the enemies in the level, also at a time limit.

Itch.io Page (https://squidsheep.itch.io/steel-titans)


GameJolt Page (https://gamejolt.com/games/steeltitans/337969)

Twitter (@SquidsheepDev)


Steel Titans.exe 48 MB
Steel Titans.zip 35 MB

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